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ABOUT MALTA ......... 


Hello, welcome to my Website. This website contains many interesting sites which may be accessed through the MENU on the left hand side.

We have the Emergency Services in Malta, which consist of the Armed Forces of Malta, The Malta Police Corps, the Civil Protection Department and the Emergency Medical Services of St Luke's Hospital.

Although the Emergency Services featured in these web pages are not official sites, nonetheless, We tried our best to have the latest information about these services. These are just informative websites about these services, which are there to help us and protect us. Unfortunately the official web sites of the Ministries involved, (Police, AFM, Health: A & E Dept., and Civil Protection Department) are not as informative as should be; so to fill in this void, we decided to continue with the work we have started way back in 1996.

We also have the Malta Information Section which consists of information about the Malta Government, the General Elections and a who's who in the political fields in Malta. Another interesting website is the Maltese Traditions, which is being continually being updated with new information and updatings.

Another favourite site is that about Luqa Village. It consists of some websites which speak about Luqa in different spheres, such as Band Clubs, lay organisations, schools and also a 'site' paying tribute to our late Parish Priest, the Very Rev. Fr. Joseph M. Camilleri, who died after a tragic accident which occurred on 2nd May 2003. Another website in preparation will be that about Luqa Parish Church and the late Rev Fr Joseph Micallef, author of the prize winning book Hal Luqa: Niesha u Grajjietha.

We have two links indicated by the left arrow and the right arrow, below. The left arrow (<) accesses the Malta Government official website (, while the right arrow (>) accesses the DI-VE news website ( Clicking on the Luqa emblem below, takes you directly to the Luqa websites. In the near future, We shall also have a Malta News Headlines Page and a Photo Gallery .

So .. have a nice time browsing through these pages; and should you have any comments about anything in this website, please send them to the Webmaster by clicking on the button below. Please bookmark these pages for future reference (ctrl-D).


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