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ELECTION VICTORY for the Nationalist Party

The Nationalist Party (P.N.) has once again been returned to Government following General Elections held in Malta on the 8th March, 2008.

The Official Election results have confirmed that the Nationalist Party (P.N.) has acquired a majority of 1,500 votes over the Malta Labour Party. MLP Deputy Leader Dr Michael Falzon has already conceded defeat. In fact, during a press conference held by the MLP leadership on 10th March 2008, party Leader Dr Alfred Sant has tendered his irrevocable resignation from the Leadership.

Nationalist Party Leader, Dr. Lawrence Gonzi in fact was sworn in as Prime Minister of Malta, on Tuesday, 11th March, at 4.00 p.m. by the President of Malta, H.E. Dr. Edward Fenech Adami. This is the second time that Dr Gonzi has been sworn in as Prime Minister.

Please click on [General Elections 2008 Results] button to view all the Election results available.

General Elections were held in Malta on Saturday, 8th March 2008.

On the 4th February 2008, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, has advised H.E. The President of Malta, Dr Edward Fenech Adami, to dissolve the Maltese Parliament and call general elections for the new Parliament for 8th March 2008.

The President of Malta, acting on the advice of the Prime Minister, issued the necessary Proclamations I and II, as well as the Writ to the Electoral Commission to hold General elections in all the 13 Districts of Malta.

This web site features official information on General Elections in Malta since 1921, statistics and candidates contesting with the political parties. Links with the local political parties are also featured.

First and last count votes for all the 13 Districts are available on this web site. We will also insert the names of the candidates who will be elected as Members of Parliament and one can view the whole list of Members of Parliament for the 11th Legislature (2008-2013).

The official General Election Results may be seen and accessed from the official website of the Department of Information (http://www.doi.gov.mt).

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