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  1. Dr. Joseph Muscat (3)
  2. Louis Grech (3)
  3. Dr. Jose' Herrera
  4. Dr. Deo Debattista (2)
  5. Joe Mizzi
  6. Dr. Stefan Buontempo
  7. Dr. Helena Dalli (3)
  8. Dr. Owen Bonnici
  9. Dr. George Vella (3)
  10. Dr. Etienne Grech (2)
  11. Carmelo Abela
  12. Dr. Chris Fearne (2)
  13. Dr. Konrad Mizzi (2)
  14. Silvio Parnis
  15. Karmenu Vella (6)
  16. Dr. Marlene Farrugia(12) IND
  17. Dr. Joseph M. Sammut
  18. Prof. Edward Scicluna (2) (3)
  19. Marie Louise Coleiro-Preca (5)
  20. Roderick Galdes
  21. Silvio Schembri (2)
  22. Dr. Ian Borg (2)
  23. Dr. Godfrey Farrugia (2)
  24. Charles Buhagiar
  25. Dr. Christian Cardona
  26. Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis (2)
  27. Leo Brincat (13)
  28. Dr. Emanuel Mallia (2) (3)
  29. Evarist Bartolo (3)
  30. Anthony Agius Decelis
  31. Dr. Michael Farrugia
  32. Dr. Anton Refalo
  33. Dr. Justyne Caruana
  34. Dr. Franco Mercieca (2)
  35. Dr. Luciano Busuttil (4)
  36. Chris Agius (4)
  37. Joe Debono Grech (4)
  38. Dr. Michael Falzon (4)
  39. Dr. Deborah Schembri Tabone (4)
  40. Dr. Charles Mangion (7)
  41. Dr. Clifton Grima (13)


  1. Dr. Simon Busuttil (2) (3)
  2. Dr. Mario de Marco
  3. Claudio Grech (2)
  4. Mario Galea
  5. Dr. Jason Azzopardi
  6. Anthony Bezzina (2)
  7. Clyde Puli
  8. Ryan Callus (2)
  9. Dr. Joe Cassar (3)(9)
  10. Dr. Joseph (Beppe) Fenech Adami
  11. Tonio Fenech (3)
  12. Robert Arrigo (3)
  13. Dr. Lawrence Gonzi (3)
  14. George Pullicino (3)
  15. Dr. Francis Zammit Dimech
  16. David Agius
  17. Dr. Michael Gonzi
  18. Giovanna Debono (11) IND
  19. Dr. Christopher Said
  20. Robert Cutajar (2)
  21. Dr. Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici (1)
  22. Dr. Paola Mifsud Bonnici (1)
  23. Claudette Buttigieg (1)
  24. Dr. Frederick Azzopardi (1)
  25. Dr. Stephen Spiteri (4)
  26. Dr. Marthese Portelli (4)
  27. Kristy Debono (4)
  28. Prof. Albert Fenech (4)(10)
  29. Charlo' Bonnici (4)
  30. Censu Galea (4)
  31. Dr. Tony Abela (9)
  32. Karl Gouder (10)


  1. Giovanna Debono (11)
  2. Dr. Marlene Farrugia (12)

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CASUAL ELECTIONS were held on the 28th March and on 3rd April, 2013 respectively, to fill in the seats vacated by:

Mr. Louis Grech (PL) in the FIRST DISTRICT: Dr. Luciano Busuttil
Dr. Joseph Muscat (PL) in the SECOND DISTRICT: Chris Agius
Prof. Edward Scicluna (PL) in the EIGHT DISTRICT: Joe Debono Grech
Dr. Manuel Mallia (PL) in the TENTH DISTRICT: Dr. Michael Falzon
Mr. Evarist Bartolo (PL) in the TWELFTH DISTRICT: Dr. Deborah Schembri Tabone

Dr. Lawrence Gonzi (PN) in the SECOND DISTRICT: Dr. Stephen Spiteri
Dr. Simon Busuttil (PN) in the NINTH DISTRICT: Dr. Marthese Portelli
Robert Arrigo (PN) in the NINTH DISTRICT: Kristy Debono
George Pullicino (PN) in the TENTH DISTRICT: Profs. Albert Fenech
Dr. Joe Cassar (PN) in the ELEVENTH DISTRICT: Charlo' Bonnici
Tonio Fenech (PN) in the TWELFTH DISTRICT: Censu Galea

A CASUAL ELECTION was held on the 30th July 2013 to fill in the seat vacated by:
Dr. Lawrence Gonzi (PN) in the SEVENTH DISTRICT: Mr. Antoine Borg.

A CASUAL ELECTION was held on the 16th April 2014 to fill in the seat vacated by:
Mrs Marie Louise Coleiro Preca (PL) in the SIXTH DISTRICT: Dr. Charles Mangion

A CASUAL ELECTION was held on the 5th November 2014 to fill in the seat vacated by:
Mr. Karmenu Vella (PL) in the SEVENTH DISTRICT: Mr. Joe Farrugia

A CASUAL ELECTION was held on the 11th October 2016 to fill in the seat vacated by:
Mr. Leo Brincat (PL) in the NINTH DISTRICT: Dr. Clifton Grima


(1) Election of member of the House of representatives in accordance with and for the purposes of the proviso of subsection (1) of Section 52 of the Constitution of Malta.

(2) Newly elected candidates

(3) Candidates returned from 2 electoral districts.

(4) Candidates elected in Casual Elections of March and April 2013

(5) Minister Marie Louise Coleiro Preca resigned from a sitting Labour MP on 1st April 2014 to become Malta's 9th President of Malta, and Malta's 2nd woman President on the 4th April 2014. Her place was won by Dr. Charles Mangion in a Casual Election held on 16.04.2014 .

(6) Ex-Minister Karmenu Vella a sitting Labour MP resigned in 2014 from the House to be nominated as an EU Commissioner. His Parliamentary seat was won by Mr Joe Farrugia through a Casual Election held on 5th November 2014.

(7) Minister for Home Affairs and National Security, Dr Manwel Mallia, was removed from office by the Prime MInister following a scandal in which his driver fired shots at another person. In his stead the Prime Minister appointed Mr Carmelo Abela, a sitting MP on the Government benches as Minister for Home Affairs and National Security on the 8th December 2014.

(8) Parliamentary Secretary at the OPM Dr Michael Falzon resigned from PS on 21st January 2014 following a report by NAO. In his place, Dr Deborah Schembri was appointed Parliamentary Secretary at the OPM with the same responsibilities by the Prime Minister.

(9) On 2nd November 2015, former health minister the Hon. Dr. Joe Cassar resigned from Parliament in the wake of his revelations about his connection with the Gaffarena family. In a rare move in Maltese politics, Dr Cassar said he was giving up his parliamentary seat because of the ferocious attack on his character which put pressure on him and his family. A casual election was held and former Parliamentary Secretary Tony Abela won the election for the parliamentary seat vacated with the resignation of Nationalist MP Joe Cassar in Parliament. He was sworn in as an MP by the Speaker of the House Dr. Anglu Farrugia on 15th November 2015.

(10) On 2nd April 2016, the Hon. Albert Fenech announced his resignation from Parliament to take on new professional engagements overseas. Prof. Fenech was elected for the first time in 2013. In his stead, the Nationalist Party's executive committee decided to co-opt former MP and present St Julian's mayor Karl Gouder to take up the seat vacated by Prof. Albert Fenech in Parliament. In fact he took his oath of office on 6th April 2016.

(11) On 5th May 2015, the Hon. Giovanna Debono a nationalist MP and former minister for Gozo tendered her resignation from the Nationalist Party but will remain an independent Member of Parliament. The announcement was made at a press conference shortly after Mrs Debono’s husband, Anthony Debono, was arraigned in court where he pleaded not guilty to charges in connection with the works for votes allegations. The Speaker of the House ordered that arrangements be made for the Hon. Giovanna Debono to be given an independent seat in the House.

(12) On 16th November 2015, Government MP Marlene Farrugia resigned from the Labour Party and parliamentary group. Dr Farrugia informed the House that she had also resigned as chairperson of the permanent committee for the environment and planning. She said she would remain an Independent MP because she wanted to remain the people's voice. "I represent those who voted for the Labour movement hoping for a dignified, transparent and honest government..." She did not wish to see the Labour government taking the route taken by the previous government. The Speaker of the House ordered that arrangements be made for the Hon. Dr Marlene Farrugia to be given an independent seat in the House.

(13) On 30th September 2016, Government MP and ex Minister for Sustainable Development Leo Brincat resigned from the House of Representatives to take up his new post as a Member of the European Court of Auditors, substituting Dr Louis Galea whose term ended earlier in 2016. Mr Brincat was elected to Parliament for the first time in 1982. This resignation triggered the procedure by which Mr Brincat was substituted in Parliament via a by-election. In a bye-election held on 11th October 2016, Dr Clifton Grima, who was the CEO of Mount Carmel Psychiatric Hospital, replaced him as a Member of Parliament. Mr Grima will take the oath of office as an MP in the first sitting of the House.


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