ATTWALITA' mill-Parrocca ta' Hal Luqa

ATTWALITA' mill-Knisja Lokali


Nhar is-Sibt, 24 ta' Settembru 2016, ghamel l-ingress Solenni tieghu fil-Kattidral ta' Santa Marija inkurunata (Our Lady of the Crown Cathedral) bhala l-Isqof tad-Djocesi ta' Gibilta'.

Mons. Carmelo Zammit li ghandhu 66 sena u li gej mill-Parrocca tal-Gudja huwa s-successur tal-Isqof Ralph Heskett, li fis-sena 2014, inhatar Isqof tad-Djocesi ta' Hallam, f'Liverpool.

L-ingress solenni sar permezz ta' Quddiesa li fiha rega' inqara d-Digriet tal-Papa Frangisku li permezz tieghu hatar lil Mons Carmelo Zammit bhala Isqof ta' Gibilta'. Wara tkomplet il-quddies li ghaliha attendew ic-Chief Minister ta' Gibilta', is-Segretarju Parlamentari Dr Stefan Buontempo u diversi persuni distinti mill-Gvern ta' Gibilta' kif ukoll sacerdoti Maltin. Attenda wkoll l-Arcisqof ta' Malta Mons Charles J. Scicluna.

L-Isqof Carmelo Zammit ghamel l-ewwel messagg tieghu lill-kongregazzjoni prezenti.

"Your Excellency, Chief Minister, Minister Stefan Buontempo, (who is representing the Prime Minister of Malta), Dear brother bishops and priests and representatives of the various other Christian denominations and religions, esteemed dignitaries and guests, dear brothers and sisters: I welcome you all to this Cathedral church, dedicated to Mary Queen of the Universe, and thank you for joining me at my installation as the eighth Bishop of Gibraltar.

May I first of all thank our brothers and sisters who have come from Spain.

Muchas gracias a los Obispos de Cádiz y Ceuta, Sevilla y Tánger por acompañarme en esta ocasión tan especial, cuando he sido oficialmente instalado como Obispo de Gibraltar. Realmente aprecio su presencia aquí. Espero que nuestra comunión en el orden Episcopal y la proximidad de nuestras diócesis nos fortalezca en la mutua cooperación. También me gustaría darle gracias a los sacerdotes que han venido de España juntos con algunos de sus parroquianos. Me honra su presencia y aprecio su muestra de amistad y apoyo.

And thank you also to those of you who have come from Malta. Very especially to Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna, Archbishop of Malta, who also travelled to support me on this occasion in spite of his heavy commitments. He has been a tower of strength for me during the time he was auxiliary bishop and now archbishop of Malta. I cannot miss thanking Fr Mario Tong also and everyone else who travelled from Malta to be present here.

And of course to those of you who have come from the United Kingdom. I am very grateful to Bishop Ralph, my predecessor, for coming to hand over this diocese to me as its new bishop. And a very special greeting and thank you to Mgr Vincent, secretary at the Apostolic Nunciature in Britain, who is so kind to represent Archbishop Mennini, Apostolic Nuncio to Britain.

The people of Gibraltar have been waiting for quite some time to have a new bishop and I am humbled and honoured by the trust His Holiness has shown in me, and of course I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the Church in Gibraltar again having already spent twenty years of my priesthood serving here. I did nothing to deserve this ministry which, as Cardinal Nichols told me in his homily during my recent ordination in Malta, is not a promotion, but a call to witness to Christ and to bear hardships willingly, confident that His grace comes to us freely, and never because of anything we have done. So I know that being a bishop is a call to serve.

My duties as a bishop are those of leadership, of teaching and of sanctifying, bringing you the good news of God’s love and mercy. The promises I made at my Episcopal ordination are to teach faithfully what the Church teaches, to serve especially those in need and to seek the stray sheep. I can only do all this with the cooperation of my brother priests of the diocese who share in my ministry. I am called to be a father to all, but especially to my brother priests. Someone in my Episcopal ordination in a humorous way told me that the occasion looked more like a big wedding. He actually was more accurate than he knew. The ring a bishop wears is a symbol of the love that every bishop is called to have for his Church, just as Christ loved her and gave his life for her.

When I consider my mission among you, I feel very apprehensive, knowing that there are so many challenges which we have to face. But I am confident that God’s grace will always be present to sustain and guide me. My prayer is that I will not fall short of what God, the Church and you all expect from me. In Gibraltar, as in most other developed countries, there is a flood of secularisation. We live in a culture which promotes hedonism and individualism. Materialism has taken over the lives of many. But these are realities that have no quick solutions and that we have to face. My mission as a bishop in the coming years is to lead and accompany you in our response to these challenges. Everything that we say and do in this respect should flow from and reflect the fact of us having made Jesus Christ the centre of our lives.

There are those who would like the Church to limit its presence to within its walls and to remain silent outside. But the Church has both a role to play in society and the same freedom as everyone else, so valued in Gibraltar, to outwardly and openly express its view when important religious, social or cultural questions crop up. In no way should this be considered as inappropriate interference in the political sphere. The Church does not impose its views on others. It has no power to do so. But it has every right to say and propose what it considers to be best for the common good.

As many of you already know, I love Gibraltar and I very much enjoy living here. In my long years of living among you in Gibraltar I have experienced for myself the very strong desire and commitment that there is here to live together in peace and harmony with each other without the tensions that elsewhere exist due to religious, cultural or other differences.

As a bishop I am committed to be a bridge builder. Pope Francis urges us to be a Church where everyone can feel welcome, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live according to the gospel. There is a place and space in the Church for all, whether married or separated or divorced, for sinners and for holy people and for not so holy people and, for of all sexual orientations. Nobody is excluded. All are God’s children and created in his image and likeness. All are entitled to the same dignity and respect in our Church and in society.

We have the formidable task in the present situation of passing on the faith to the next generation, of evangelizing a modern and largely sceptical society, not to mention inspiring young people to serve the Church as priests and religious. Some grandparents and parents may wonder whether they are going to be the last Catholics or even believers in their family! The only answer to these challenges is to witness to our faith in the way we live our life. Faithful witness to the values of the gospel did inspire people in the past and it will surely inspire others in the future. We must try harder to reach out and to understand young people and others who are sceptical, and acknowledge that they are themselves influenced by the same modern society and they see things different to us who are somewhat older.

We are approaching the end of the jubilee year of mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis. I have chosen as my Episcopal motto the expression found in the hymn of the Te Deum: “Lord have mercy on us”. This expression reflects my need for God’s merciful love and forgiveness for my past failures and for future ones. Today in the Church we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Mercy, which reminds us of our heavenly mother’s intervention in our favour before her Son. In my life, Mary has figured very prominently, since in my parish in Malta we celebrate three village feasts dedicated to Mary, and in Gibraltar we have this Cathedral dedicated to Mary and also the shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Europe. I would like to ask you all today to pray for me to the Mother of God, and also that she surrounds all of us with her love and protection.

May I end with the last verses of the Te Deum: “Have mercy on us Lord, have mercy. Lord show us your love and mercy, for we put our trust in you. In you, Lord, is our hope, and we shall never hope in vain”. May God bless Gibraltar and all its people."

Il-Konsagrazzjoni episkopali ta' Mons. Carmelo Zammit saret nhar il-Hamis, 8 ta' Settembru fil-Katidral ta' San Pawl fl-Imdina u li ghaliha kienu prezenti l-Arcisqof Emeritu ta' Malta, Mons Paul Cremona u l-Isqof Emeritu ta' Garissa fil-Kenja, Mons Paul Darmanin u numru kbir ta' sacerdoti fosthom dawk li huma residenti f'Gibilta'. Attendew ukoll il-familjari kollha tal-isqof il-gdid, nies mill-Parrocca tal-Gudja, kif ukoll hafna maltin ohra li jafu mill-qrib lil Mons Zammit.

Ad Multos Annos.

Sacerdot Malti jinhatar bhala Isqof ta' Gibilta'

Nhar il-Gimgha, 24 ta' Gunju 2016, is-Santa Sede habbret ufficjalment illi r-Reverendu Mons. Carmelo Zammit, Vigarju Gudizzjali fil-Kurja Arciveskovili ta' Malta, inhatar mill-Q.T. il-Papa Frangisku biex ikun l-Isqof il-gdid tad-Djocesi ta' Gibilta' kolonja ingliza fil-bidu tal-Mediterran.

Mons Carmelo Zammit li ghandhu 66 sena huwa mill-Parrocca tal-Gudja u residenti fl-istess rahal, ser ikun is-successur ta' Mons. Ralph Heskett, li fis-sena 2014, kien mahtur mill-Papa Frangisku bhala Isqof tad-Djocesi ta' Hallam, f'Liverpool.

Mons Zammit m'huwiex wicc gdid ghal Gibilta' peress li fl-imghoddi bejn l-1976 u l-1998 serva lid-djocesi ta' Gibilta' f'diversi oqsma. Huwa kien mahtur bhala Vigarju Gudizzjali u anke bhala Kappillan tal-iskejjel komprensivi tas-subien u tal-bniet bejn l-1976-1987. Sakemm dam f'Gibilta', huwa serva wkoll bhala d-Delegat tal-Isqof fuq il-Bord ghall-Edukazzjoni Religjuza fl-Iskejjel tal-Gvern. Fiz-zmien li ghamel fil-Parrocca tal-Qalb ta' Gesu', huwa kien iservi wkoll bhala Kappillan tal-Habs u membru fuq il-Bord tal-Prigunieri.

Mons. Zammit studja fl-Universita' ta' Malta bejn l-1967 u l-1974, fejn iggradwa B.A. fil-Filosofija, Taljan u l-Ekonomija, u ha l-Licenjat fit-Teologija; kif ukoll fl-Universita' Pontificja Laterana f'Ruma bejn l-1974 u l-1976 fejn gab il-Licenzjat fil-Ligi Kanonika.

Meta rritorna lura Malta wara 20 sena ta' hidma pastorali f'Gibilta', huwa inhatar bhala Kancillier tal-Arcidjocesi ta' Malta kif ukoll Imhallef fit-Tribunal tas-Sekonda Istanza bejn l-1999 u l-2007. Wara inhatar ukoll bhala Assistent Vigarju Gudizzjali fit-Tribunal Metropolitan tal-Prima Istanza. Huwa baqa wkoll iservi fil-Parrocca tal-Gudja ddedikata lill-Assunzjoni tal-Madonna.

Fis-sena 1997 huwa inhatar mis-Santa Sede bhala Prelat tal-Qdusija Tieghu bit-titolu ta' Monsinjur. U fl-2005, inhatar bhala Kanonku tal-Kapitolu Metropolitan, fejn fis-sena 2010 gie elett bhala President tal-Kapitolu Metropolitan u ilu jservi bhala .Membru tal-Kunsill tal-Fondazzjoni tal-Konkatiddral ta' San Gwann sa mill-2009.

Nomina del Vescovo di Gibraltar

Il Santo Padre ha nominato Vescovo di Gibraltar il Mons. Carmelo Zammit, del clero dell’arcidiocesi di Malta ed ivi finora Vicario Giudiziale. Mons. Carmelo Zammit

Il Mons. Carmelo Zammit è nato a Gudja, a Malta, il 19 dicembre 1949. Dopo le scuole secondarie, ha compiuto gli studi presso l’Università di Malta tra il 1967 e il 1974, conseguendo il B.A. Degree in Philosophy, Italian and Economics e poi la Licenza in Teologia. Successivamente ha ottenuto anche la Licenza in Diritto Canonico presso la Pontificia Università Lateranense a Roma.

È stato ordinato sacerdote il 20 luglio 1974 per l'arcidiocesi di Malta.

Subito dopo l’ordinazione è stato chiamato a svolgere il ministero presso la diocesi di Gibraltar ricoprendo i seguenti incarichi: Vicario Giudiziale (1976-1998); Delegato del Vescovo per l’Educazione Cattolica (1976-1998); Cappellano nelle scuole (1976-1987); Parroco presso la St. Theresa’s parish (1985-1991) e poi presso la Sacred Heart parish (1991-1998). Nel 1997 è stato insignito del titolo di Prelato di Sua Santità.

Nel 1998 è tornato a Malta diventando Cancelliere dell’arcidiocesi e Giudice del Tribunale ecclesiastico. Nel 2005 è stato nominato Canonico del Capitolo Metropolitano. Nel 2015 è diventato Vicario Giudiziale.


Il-Konsagrazzjoni episkopali ta' Mons. Carmelo Zammit saret nhar il-Hamis, 8 ta' Settembru fil-Katidral ta' San Pawl fl-Imdina. Ghal din l-okkazjoni waslu Malta l-Kardinal Vincent Gerard Nichols, Arcisqof ta' Westminster u l-President tal-Konferenza Episkopali tar-Renju Unit, li mexxa c-cerimonja tal-konsagrazzjoni ta' Mons Zammit, li kien assistit mill-Arcisqof ta' Malta Mons Charles J. Scicluna u mill-Isqof ta' Hallam fl-Ingilterra (u predecessur tal-Isqof Zammit), Mons Ralph Heskett.

Ghal din il-quddiesa attendew ukoll l-Arcisqof Emeritu ta' Malta, Mons Paul Cremona u l-Isqof Emeritu ta' Garissa fil-Kenja, Mons Paul Darmanin u numru kbir ta' sacerdoti fosthom dawk li huma residenti f'Gibilta'.

Attendew ukoll il-familjari kollha tal-isqof il-gdid, nies mill-Parrocca tal-Gudja, kif ukoll mid-Djocesi ta' Gibilta' u hafna maltin ohra li jafu mill-qrib lil Mons Zammit.

Il-Ministru tal-Affarijiet Barranin Dr George Vella li kien qed jirrapprezenta lill-Prim Ministru, diversi Ministri, u membri tal-Parlament kif ukoll l-Ispeaker tal-Kamra tar-Rapprezentanti ukoll kienu prezenti ghal din ic-cerimonja. L-Isqof Mons Carmelo Zammit nhar il-Hadd 11 ta' Settembru ser iqaddes l-ewwel quddiesa solenni tieghu fil-parrocca Arcimatrici u Arcipretali tal-Gudja qabel ma jhalli Malta biex jibda l-hidma pastorali tieghu bhala r-rghaj tad-Djocesi ta' Gibilta'.

Mons Carmelo Zammit mistenni jaghmel l-Ingress solenni tieghu fil-Kattidral tat-Trinita' Qaddisa f'Gibilta' f'data iktar 'l quddiem.

Nifirhulu u nawgurawlu Ad Multos Annos.

L-E.T. Mons. Charles J. Scicluna jaghmel l-INGRESS SOLENNI tieghu fil-Kattidral ta' l-Imdina bhala ARCISQOF TA' MALTA

Nhar is-Sibt, 21 ta' Marzu 2015, l-ewwel jum tar-rebbiegha, l-E.T. Mons. Charles J. Scicluna ghamel l-Ingress solenni tieghu bhala Arcisqof ta' l-Arcidjocesi ta' Malta billi ha l-pussess tal-Kattidral ta' l-Imdina wara li Mons. Pawlu Cremona, Arcisqof Emeritus irrizenja mill-istess kariga.

Numru kbir ta’ persuni marru r-Rabat u l-Imdina minn fejn segwew mill-qrib dak li kien qed iseħħ, bl-Arċisqof Scicluna jingħata l-pussess f’ċeremonja li saret fil-Katidral tal-Imdina, u li ghaliha attendew diversi personalitajiet distini bhall-E.T. il-President ta' Malta flimmkien mas-sur Preca, il-Prim Ministru u s-sinjura Muscat, il-Kap ta' l-Oppozizzjoni, Dr Simon Busuttil u dinjitarji ohra. Ma' l-Arcisqof ikkoncelebraw l-Emm. Tieghu il-Kardinal Prospero Grech, in-Nunzju Appostoliku ghal Malta Mons. Cavalli, l-Isqof t'Ghawdex Mons Mario Grech, l-Arcisqof Emeritu Mons Pawlu Cremona u diversi sacerdoti u patrijiet Maltin u Ghawdxin.

F'din l-okkazjoni thabbar illi l-Vigarju Generali l-gdid li hatar Mons Arcisqof huwa Dun Edgar Galea Curmi li ha post Mons Scicluna li kien il-Vigarju Generali ta' Mons Paul Cremona.

Nifirhulu u nawgurawlu Ad Multos Annos.


Nhar il-Gimgha, 27 ta' Frar, 2015, is-Santa Sede habbret ufficjalment illi l-Isqof Awziljarju Mons. Charles Jude Scicluna, sal-lum Amministratur Appostoliku Sede Vacante tal-Arcidjocesi Maltija, inhatar mill-QT il-Papa Frangisku biex ikun is-successur tal-Arcisqof Emeritus Mons. Pawlu Cremona bhala Arcisqof Metropolita ta' l-Arcidjocesi ta' Malta.

L-Arcisqof il-gdid Mons Charles Scicluna ser jaghmel l-Ingress Solenni tieghu fil-Katidral tal-Imdina nhar is-Sibt, 21 ta' Marzu 2015 ezattament fil-bidu tal-istagun tar-Rebbiegha. Mons Scicluna diga; gie kkonsagrat bhala Isqof meta nhatar bhala Isqof Awziljarju ghal Arcisqof Pawlu Cremona u allura m'ghandhux bzonn il-konsagrazzjoni bhala Isqof imma ssir ic-cerimonja tal-insedjament tieghu bhala Arcisqof Metropolita' meta l-Arcisqof Emeritu Paul Cremona jwasslu sas-Sedja li kien jokkupa huwa fuq l-artal tal-Katidral.

Nomina dell’Arcivescovo Metropolita di Malta

Il Santo Padre Francesco ha nominato Arcivescovo Metropolita di Malta S.E. Mons. Charles Jude Scicluna, finora Vescovo titolare di San Leone ed Amministratore Apostolico dell’Arcidiocesi di Malta.

S.E. Mons. Charles Jude Scicluna

S.E. Mons. Charles Jude Scicluna è nato a Toronto, in Canada, il 15 maggio 1959. Dopo le scuole secondarie, ha compiuto gli studi presso il Seminario maggiore di Malta e frequentato l'Università locale, ottenendo la Laurea in Diritto Civile e la Licenza in S. Teologia. Successivamente ha conseguito anche la Laurea in Diritto Canonico presso la Pontificia Università Gregoriana a Roma.

E' stato ordinato sacerdote l'11 luglio 1986 per l'arcidiocesi di Malta.

In seguito, conclusi gli studi di Diritto Canonico a Roma, è stato, tra il 1990 e il 1995, Difensore del Vincolo e Promotore di Giustizia al Tribunale Metropolitano di Malta, Professore di Teologia Pastorale e Diritto Canonico presso la locale Facoltà di Teologia e Vice-Rettore al Seminario Maggiore dell'arcidiocesi. In questi anni non ha mancato di offrire la sua collaborazione nel ministero sacerdotale presso le parrocchie di San Gregorio Magno, Sliema, e quella della Trasfigurazione, Iklin, presso Malta. Ha servito come Cappellano al Convento locale di S. Caterina.

Nel 1995 è entrato al servizio della Santa Sede, prima come Promotore di Giustizia Sostituto presso il Supremo Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica e poi come Promotore di Giustizia presso la Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede. In questo periodo ha anche insegnato, come Professore Invitato, presso la Facoltà di Diritto Canonico della Pontificia Università Gregoriana.

Il 6 ottobre 2012 è stato eletto Vescovo titolare di San Leone ed Ausiliare di Malta. Ha ricevuto la consacrazione episcopale il 24 novembre successivo.

Il 1° dicembre del 2012 è nominato Membro della Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede.

Il 18 ottobre 2014, alla rinuncia dell'Arcivescovo, S.E. Mons. Paul Cremona O.P., viene nominato Amministratore Apostolico dell'Arcidiocesi maltese.

Il 21 gennaio 2015 è diventato Presidente del Collegio per l'esame dei ricorsi alla Sessione Ordinaria della Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede.


Mgr Charles J. Scicluna was born of Emanuel and Maria Carmela nee Falzon in Toronto, Canada, on 15 May 1959.

The Scicluna family moved to Qormi, Malta, in 1960 and to Lija, Malta, in 1976. Mgr Scicluna was educated at Saint Sebastian Primary School, Qormi, at the Saint Joseph Secondary Technical School, Paola, and at Saint Edward's College, Cottonera. He entered the Law Course at the University of Malta in 1976 and he graduated Doctor of Laws in 1984.

After completing his Seminary studies and a Licentiate in Pastoral Theology at the Faculty of Theology, Tal-Virtu', he was ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood by the Archbishop of Malta, Monsignor Joseph Mercieca, on 11 July 1986. Monsignor Scicluna was sent to read Canon Law at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and obtained the doctorate in Canon Law with specialization in Jurisprudence in 1991.

After his Rome studies Mgr Scicluna worked on the Malta Metropolitan Tribunal as Defender of the Bond and was lecturer in Pastoral Theology and Canon Law at the University of Malta. He served in the parishes of Attard, Saint Gregory's Sliema and Iklin, Lija. He also served as Vice Rector at the Major Seminary between 1994 and 1995 when he was called to the Vatican to work on the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura as Substitute Promoter of Justice.

In 1996 he was appointed Postulator for the cause of beatification and canonization of Dun Ġorġ Preca. In October 2002, Monsignor Scicluna was nominated Promoter of Justice at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith detailed to investigate and prosecute the more grave crimes reserved to the exclusive competence of the Congregation. He has also lectured widely on issues concerning child protection in the Church, visiting a number of local churches in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australia. In Rome Mgr Scicluna was also a Visiting Lecturer in Penal Processes at the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome) and helped with chaplaincy work at the Convent of the Nuns of Saint Bridget, Piazza Farnese, and at the Venerable English College in Rome.

Mgr Scicluna was nominared Titular Bishop of San Leone on 6 October 2012. He was ordained Bishop on 24 November 2012.

After the resignation of Archbishop Paul Cremona on 18 October 2014, The Holy Father, Pope Francis nominated His Lordship Mgr Charles J. Scicluna, Titular Bishop of San Leone, as Apostolic Administrator sede vacante with the authority to govern the Archdiocese of Malta until the new Archbishop of Malta takes canonical possession of the Archdiocese. During the period in which the Archiepiscopal See of Malta is vacant, ordinary pastoral ministry is guaranteed under the leadership of the Apostolic Administrator, but all innovative initiatives are to be put on hold for the new Archbishop to decide about them.

In January 2015, Pope Francis appointed Mgr Scicluna to head a Vatican college within the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith to examine appeals to the ordinary session of the Congregation.

Mgr Scicluna was announced as the new Archbishop-elect on February 27, 2015. On March 21, 2015, Mgr Scicluna was installed as Archbishop of Malta

Nifirhulu u nawgurawlu Ad Multos Annos.


Nhar is-Sibt, 18 ta' Ottubru 2014, is-Santa Sede habbret ufficjalment illi l-Q.T. il-Papa Frangisku accetta r-rizenja ta' l-Arcisqof Metropolita ta' Malta Mons. Pawlu Cemona wara talba li l-istess Arcisqof ghamel ftit gimghat ilu.

Mons Cremona ghad ghandhu biss 68 sena u dan kiteb pagna gdida fl-istorja tal-Knisja maltija ghax huwa l-ewwel Arcisqof li rrizenja minhabba ragunijiet ta' sahha meta suppost isqfijiet jirrezenjaw meta jghalqu l-75 sena. Dan l-ahhar Mons. Cremona kellu jhassar diversi mpenji u attivitajiet minhabba l-istat ta' sahhtu u dan gieghlhu jiehu dan il-pass fl-interess tal-Knisja Maltija.

Fl-istess waqt, il-QT il-Papa Frangisku hatar lill-Isqof Awziljarju Mons Charles J. Scicluna bhala Amministratur Appostoliku ghall-Arcidjocesi Maltija sede vacante, bl-awtorita' li jmexxi l-Arcidjocesi sakemm jinhatar Arcisqof gdid.

Rinuncia dell’Arcivescovo Metropolita di Malta (Malta)

Il Santo Padre Francesco ha accettato la rinuncia al governo pastorale dell’arcidiocesi metropolitana di Malta (Malta), presentata da S.E. Mons. Paul Cremona, O.P., in conformità al can. 401 § 2 del Codice di Diritto Canonico.


Il-Poplu Malti jirringrazzjah tas-servizz li ta lill-Knisja f'Malta bhala Arcisqof taghha.

L-Arcisqof Mons. Joseph Spiteri jinhatar Nunzju Appostoliku fil-Costa d’Avorio (Ivory Coast)

Nhar it-Tnejn, l-1 ta' Ottubru 2013, is-Santa Sede habbret ufficjalment illi l-Arcisqof Mons. Joseph Spiteri, Nunzju Appostoliku fir-Repubblika ta’ Sri Lanka, inhatar mill-Q.T. il-Papa Frangisku bhala Nunzju Appostoliku ghal Costa d’Avorio (Ivory Coast).


Il Santo Padre ha nominato Nunzio Apostolico in Costa d’Avorio S.E. Mons. Joseph Spiteri, Arcivescovo titolare di Serta, finora Nunzio Apostolico in Sri Lanka.

Nifirhulu u nawgurawlu Ad Multos Annos.

Isqof Awziljarju gdid ghall-Arcidjocesi ta' Malta

Nhar is-Sibt 6 t'Ottubru 2012, is-Santa Sede habbret ufficjalment illi Mons. Charles J. Scicluna, gie nominat mill-Q.T. il-Papa Benedittu XVI bhala Isqof Awziljarju ghall-Arcidjocesi ta' Malta.

Monsinjur Scicluna li matul l-ahhar ghaxar snin kien Promotur tal-Gustizzja fil-Kongregazzjoni tad-Duttrina tal-Fidi fil-Vatikan, mistenni jiehu post Monsinjur Annetto Depasquale li miet f'Novembru 2011. In-nomina tieghu ghal Isqof Awziljarju ta’ Malta thabbret fil-Knejjes kollha ta' Malta.

Mons. Scicluna twieled fl-1959 f’Toronto l-Kanada. Kien ordnat qassis fl-1986 u kompla l-istudji tieghu f’Ruma u hemmhekk iggradwa fil-Ligi Kanonika mill-Università Gregorjana. Minkejja li s-superjuri tieghu rieduh jibqa’ Ruma, huwa kien intalab jigi Malta biex jghallem fl-Università. Hadem ukoll fit-Tribunal tal-Knisja.

Fl-1995 Monsinjur Scicluna kien nominat Promutur tal-Gustizzja fit-Tribunal Suprem tal-Papa. Fl-2002, gie nominat Promutur tal-Gustizzja fit-Tribunal il-gdid tal-Vatikan. Hawnhekk huwa hadem mal-Kardinal Josef Ratzinger, li aktar tard gie elett bhala Papa, fuq il-kazi ta’ abbuzi sesswali mwettqa minn membri tal-Knisja fuq minorenni.

Il-midja Taljana 'La Stampa' qalet li n-nomina ta’ Monsinjur Scicluna ghal kariga aktar gholja fi hdan il-Knisja kienet ilha mistennija, hekk kif dejjem wera lealtà u hadem ghal gid tal-Knisja Universali.

Il-Qdusija Tieghu il-Papa issa sejjah lil Monsinjur Scicluna biex ikun membru tal-Kullegg ta’ l-Isqfijiet u afdah bil-missjoni li jahdem fil-Knisja ta’ Malta taht it-tmexxija ta’ l-Arcisqof Mons. Pawlu Cremona.

L-Ordinazzjoni episkopali tieghu saret nhar l-24 ta' Novembru 2012 fil-Konkattidral ta' San Gwann. L-Ordinazzjoni Episkopali tieghu tmexxiet mill-E.T. l-Arcisqof ta' Malta, Mons. Pawl Cremona, mill-Arcisqof Emeritus Mons. Giuseppi Mercieca u mill-Isqof ta' Ghawdex, Mons Mario Grech u li ghaliha attendew fost diversi persuni distinti, il-President ta' Malta Dr George Abela flimkien mas-Sinjura tieghu, il-Prim Ministru Dr. Lawrence Gonzi u s-Sinjura tieghu, u l-Kap ta' l-Oppozizzjoni, Dr. Joseph Muscat u s-Sinjura tieghu.

Ad Multos Annos.

Jinhatar it-tieni Kardinal Malti mill-Papa Benedittu XVI.

Nhar is-Sibt 6 ta’ Jannar 2012, festa tal-Epifanija f’Ruma, il-Q.T. il-Papa Benedittu XVI, wara l-Angelus ta’ nofsinhar, habbar li kien se jlaqqa’ Koncistorju biex jinnomina 22 membru gdid tal-Kullegg tal-Kardinali, fosthom lil Patri Prospero (Stanley) Grech, O.S.A.. Il-Papa dakinhar iddeskriva lil Patri Prospero Grech OSA bhala “professur emeritu ta’ ghadd ta’ universitajiet Rumani u Konsultur tal-Kongregazzjoni tad-Duttrina tal-Fidi”.

Patri Prospero huwa t-tieni Kardinal Malti fl-istorja tal-Knisja, wara li fis-seklu 19, Malta kellha Kardinal iehor, Mons. Fabrizio Sceberras Testaferrata, li kien nominat Kardinal mill-Papa Piju VII fil-Koncistorju tas-6 t’April 1818.

Il-Kardinal Prospero Grech twieled fil-Birgu, fl-24 ta' Dicembru, 1925, iben Vincenzo Grech u Amelia nee Gatt. Imwieled Stanley Grech, huwa t-tieni Kardinal Malti fl-istorja tal-Knisja Kattolika. Ir-Registru tal-Maghmudija tal-parrocca ta’ San Lawrenz tal-Belt Vittoriosa jghid li Patri Prospero kien mghammed jumejn wara li twieled, jigifieri fis-26 ta’ Dicembru, mill-Arcipriet ta’ dak iz-zmien, il-Kan Joseph Maria Farrugia. Hu nghata l-isem ta’ Stanley. Inghata wkoll hames ismijiet ohra: David, John, Arthur, Lawrence u Joseph. Il-parrinijiet tieghu tal-maghmudija kienu John u Sophia Craig.

Studja l-Liceo u serva bhala gunner fil-Home Guard tal-Università fi zmien il-Gwerra. Wara li ghamel tliet xhur fl-Army, beda l-kors tal-medicina fl-Università ta’ Malta, izda wara sena dahal mal-Patrijiet Agostinjani fl-1943. Il-professjoni solenni tieghu ghamilha fi hdan dan l-Ordni fis-26 ta’ Ottubru 1947. Ha l-isem religjuz ta’ Prospero. Kien ordnat subdjaknu f’Ruma fit-3 ta’ Lulju 1949 u ordnat bhala sacerdot fil-Bazilika ta’ San Giovanni Laterano f’Ruma fil-25 ta’ Marzu 1950.

Patri Prospero Grech studja l-filosofija fil-Monasteru ta’ San Mark, ir-Rabat, Malta, u t-Teologija fil-Kullegg ta’ Santa Monika f’Ruma. Huwa kiseb Dottorat fit-Teologija mill-Università Gregorjana ta’ Ruma (1953), Licenzjat fl-Iskrittura Mqaddsa mill-Istitut Pontificju Bibbliku ta’ Ruma (1954) u Diploma fil-Psikologija Edukattiva minn Freibourg, l-Izvizzera (1951).

Patri Prospero Grech irricerka l-lingwi Semitici fl-Università ta’ Oxford (1957-58) wara li kien akkwista ‘scholarship’ tal-British Council u f’dik ta’ Cambridge (1958-59). Fl-1958, il-Professur Arbery tal-Istudji Orjentali fl-Università ta’ Cambridge, ried skular Malti halli jghinu f’xoghol li kien qed jaghmel. Il-Professur Guzè Aquilina kien irrakkomanda lill-Professur Prospero Grech ghal dan ix-xoghol. Il-Professur Prospero Grech ghen lill-Professur Arbery fil-ktieb “A Maltese Anthology” ta’ poezija u proza Maltija maqluba bl-Ingliz u fi ktieb iehor bl-isem “Dun Karm – Poet of Malta” mahrug minn Arbery u Grech minn Cambridge University Press.

Artiklu ppubblikat fil-Catholic Herald jikkwota lill-kittieb u l-kritiku Nigel Dennis jghid li Patri Prospero huwa possibilment l-iktar persuna intelligenti li tezisti. Din l-allegata stqarrija ta' Dennis ghaddiet minghand l-armla ta' Dennis ghal ghand il-kittieb tal-artiklu, Patri Alexander Lucie-Smith.

Fost id-diversi karigi li okkupa fl-Ordni Agostinjan, fl-1971 inhatar l-ewwel President tal-Istitut Patristiku Augustinianum tal-Ordni ta' Santu Wistin. Barra minn hekk Patri Prospero hadem f'diversi universitajiet barra minn Malta u f'Kummissjonijiet Pontificji. Kien ukoll Konsultur tal-Kongregazzjoni tad-Duttrina tal-Fidi.

Fit-13 ta’ Dicembru 2011, Jum ir-Repubblika, Patri Prospero Grech kien onorat mill-President ta’ Malta, Dr George Abela, bhala Kumpann tal-Ordni Nazzjonali tal-Meritu.

Waqt konferenza li kienet saret fl-2010, intitolata Revisiting Labour's History, il-Professur Godfrey Pirotta kien qal li fis-snin sittin Patri Prospero kien ghamilha ta' medjatur bejn il-Partit Laburista u l-Vatikan fuq il-kwistjoni tas-sitt punti. Ftit huma dawk li jafu b'dan is-sehem ta' medjatur li kellu Patri Prospero, u dan proprju ghax din il-medjazzjoni ma kienitx giet imxandra. Fl-1963 kienet saret laqgha sigrieta bejn Dom Mintoff u Patri Prospero f'Ruma, fejn iktar tard Patri Prospero kien ressaq l-argumenti tal-Mexxej Laburista quddiem il-Vatikan. Dan kollu kien qed isir bhala parti mill-isforz tal-Partit Laburista biex il-kwistjonijiet bejn l-Istat u l-Knisja jissolvew darba ghal dejjem.

Is-sitt punti li Mintoff kien qed jinsisti fuqhom biex jintlahaq qbil bejn iz-zewg nahat kienu jinkludu:

is-separazzjoni bejn Stat u l-Knisja;
l-ugwaljanza bejn religjonijiet differenti;
ir-rikonoxximent legali taz-zwieg civili u anki d-divorzju ghal min kien jemmen fih;
it-taghlim tar-religjon fl-iskejjel tal-Istat li jinghata biss lil min jixtiequ;
li l-iskejjel privati jghaddu minn process ta' spezzjoni qabel jikkwalifikaw ghall-fondi mill-Gvern;
is-servizzi socjali jinghataw lil kulhadd minghajr diskriminazzjoni (anki lil tfal imwielda barra z-zwieg);
li l-Knisja taghti kontribut finanzjarju u l-'privilegum fori' jkun ristrett;
ic-censura fuq l-arti tkun hielsa mill-influwenza tal-Knisja; u
li l-Knisja ma tindahalx fl-affarijiet tal-Istat.

Patri Prospero Grech gie kkonsagrat bhala Arcisqof titulari ta' San Leone fit-8 ta' Frar 2012, fil-Konkatidral ta' San Gwann, il-Belt Valletta, mill-E.T. Mons. Pawlu Cremona, Arcisqof ta' Malta, bhala l-Konsagratur Principali u mill-Isqof ta' Ghawdex, Mons. Mario Grech, u mill-Kardinal-elett Giuseppe Versaldi, bhala Ko-konsagraturi ta' Patri Prospero Grech.

Fit-18 ta' Frar 2012, l-Arcisqof Prospero Grech, OSA inhatar bhala Kardinal mill-Papa Benedittu XVI.

Il-Provincja Agostinjana Maltija ferhet lil Patri Prospero ghan-nomina li rcieva bhala Kardinal. "Minbarra li huwa unur fuq livell personali, huwa wkoll unur ghall-Ordni ta' Santu Wistin li fin-nomina tieghu jara r-rikonoxximent tal-Knisja Universali ghas-servizz lejn l-Evangelju".

Patri Prospero nghata t-titlu personali ta' Arcisqof Titulari ta' San Leone fil-Basilicata, titlu li qablu garru l-Kardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz. L-arma tieghu, li tirrapprezenta s-salib ta' Malta u l-arma tal-Agostinjani bil-baklu u s-salib u bil-motto: 'In te Domine speravit'.

Interessanti c-curkett tad-deheb li nghata mill-Kurja Arciveskovili Maltija lill-Arcisqof Prospero Grech, mahdum kollu f'Malta u li juri lil San Pawl bis-salib, il-huggiega u l-lifgha.

Malta kollha tawguralu AD MULTOS ANNOS.

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